Course Vins de Patrimonio


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Conditions to participate in the event :
  • COMPLETELY carry a sports license or a medical certificate (with the mention "practice of sport in competition") of less than one year.
  • Accept the rules of the race.
  • Accept conditions of KRONO
  • Ensure the regularity of the information provided during registration.

  • Dated Event Type City Price Participation
    2020/03/29 at 10:00Course des Vins de Patrimonio / 20 KMRunningPatrimonio, Haute Corse (2B)23.6 €Opening soon
    2020/03/29 at 10:30Course des Vins de Patrimonio / 10 KMRunningPatrimonio, Haute Corse (2B)23.6 €Opening soon
    Dated Event Type City Price Participation