La Florentine 4-14 ANS

Road Cycling

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General informations

  Date and time of departure : The 26/09/2020. Departure at 14:30 (UTC +2)
   Place : St Florent, Haute Corse (2B)

Conditions to participate in the event :
  • Accept the rules of the race.
  • Accept conditions of KRONO
  • Being in the age group of 4 at 14 years.
  • Ensure the regularity of the information provided during registration.

  • Transponder guarantee : 25 €
    This amount will be paid if the chip and / or the GPS tracker are not returned after the event

    Participation in the event

    Online registration : closes
    Online registration amount : Free A user account is required to participate in this event. Click
    Deadline for online registration : 26/09/2020 at 00:00 (UTC +2)

    On-site registration : No



      Name of the organizing structure : ETOILE CYCLISTE BASTIAISE
       Name of the responsible : PASCAL LADIEU
      Mail address :
      Address : zac lucianella bat u pinu A1 20600 furiani