Nocturne Saint Cyprien


7 registered participants

Limited to 150 participants, it remains 143 bibs

General informations

Date and time of departure : The 27/07/2019. Departure at 19:30
Place : St Cyprien, Corse du Sud

Conditions to participate in the event :
  • COMPLETELY carry a sports license or a medical certificate (with the mention "practice of sport in competition") of less than one year.
  • Accept the rules of the race.
  • Accept conditions of KRONO
  • To be aged at least 12 years.
  • Ensure the regularity of the information provided during registration.

  • Les droits d'inscriptions sont de 15€ pour les courses Adultes (6.3KM), 12€ pour les courses minimes (4.2KM) et 10€ pour les courses benjamins (2.1KM)

    Participation in the event

    Online registration amount : 15 €
    Deadline for online registration : 27/07/2019 at 12:00


    On-site registration : Yes
    Registration deadline on site : 27/07/2019 at 18:30
    Amount of registration on site : 15 €



    Name of the organizing structure : CO LECCI TRINITE
    Name of the responsible : Hubert ANEDDA
    Phone : 0624122601
    Mail address :
    Address : Chemin du cacau - Route d arca 20137 Porto Vecchio